C2C Fashion and Technology is an Austin-based business founded by Samuel Alexander, a fashion and technology industry veteran with over three decades of experience. The company aims to revolutionize the fashion industry by integrating fashion, technology, and the arts in an ecologically-sound and technologically-progressive way.
C2C Fashion and Technology offers a range of services that help businesses from concept to consumption, including interactive multi-media marketing, product development, and cloud technology integration. The company is committed to the circular economy and uses technology to provide better insights on how to use raw resources more efficiently and sustainably.
C2C Fashion and Technology is driving a paradigm shift in the fashion industry by embracing sustainable practices and the combination of “smart factories” + “smart networks” + “smart products.” The company addresses the shift of consumers from passive buyers to enabled interactive participants, and offers a range of new services to help businesses embrace sustainable practices and cater to customers in a digitally-driven world.
C2C Fashion and Technology’s innovative services include:
C2C IntraNet: Serves as the portal for employees to access internal and external resources and enables workers to communicate, collaborate, and share documents and other information in a digital Global Workplace. C2C intranet will increase employee advocacy, streamline key processes, and encourage team collaboration.
C2C Business Connect: A platform that empowers companies to form meaningful connections with their clients in a digital environment. This platform offers online events, business conferences, workshops, webinars, and product launches that are GDPR compliant and end-to-end encrypted.
C2C Business Builder: A PLM, ERP, and CRM platform that connects the production and fulfillment processes for the wholesale business into one software program. This platform integrates many design and production APIs (Application programming interfaces).
C2C Virtual Shop: A B2C platform that utilizes virtual, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence to provide customers with a personalized avatar life model, allowing them to virtually "try on" an article of clothing and have products suggested based on customer likes to accessorize an outfit.
C2C InterAct: In the C2C AI Augmented, a personalized avatar life-like model is created, and the ability to virtually "try on" an article of clothing is a simple, fun experience. C2C utilizes its forward-looking technology to develop AI assistants and your own personal avatar.
C2C Crypto: Integrated Intuitive Payment Gateway for Merchants. Easily send invoices and manage payments using our powerful dashboard. We accept crypto currency for seamless transactions.
C2C Multiverse - AI Bots and avatars, in a digital environment.
C2C Co-Lab: Provides Co-Lab incubation to fashion and technology-related startups, while its partners from private industry, government, and education help to build a creative company characterized by organization, collaboration, and incubation.
C2C Fashion and Technology is also building a collaborative ecosystem approach to production and consumption through its global collaborative partners. This approach relies on joint resource commitment and shared responsibility of all actors for the whole project to serve partners combined goals. The relationships between C2C collaborative partners lead to collaborations that rely on one another for their expertise in multiple areas. This collaborative partnership is based on voluntarism and a value-based rationale for collaborative action and benefits the group as a whole to be sustainable.
The C2C Fashion and Technology collaborative partnership will create a SAAS ecosystem of trust to generate higher levels of productivity and revenue, giving partners a leading edge over any competition. With its innovative services and commitment to sustainability, C2C Fashion and Technology is leading the way in revolutionizing the fashion industry.